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Product Support

Our on-going Product Support ensures that users receive the latest versions of our software applications with regular updates and quarterly version upgrades.


We aim to keep you as productive as possible and as such we regularly release new versions and updates of our software applications available to all subscription editions of Cohesion Medical's software applications as long as your subscription remains active.


Latest Updates
Software updates such as ongoing bug fixes, security patches, and other update releases that do not require full upgrades are made available through the Updater in the Cohesion Application Manager installed on your server. Software updates are coordinated with your IT managers and will not impact on your daily use of the software.


New Versions
We aim to release new versions of the software quarterly. Software upgrades are scheduled with your IT managers to ensure you can continue using your current version of the software unheeded. You will receive notifications whenever new versions are installed.


Feature Requests
We aim to include any Feature Requests we receive from you or your organisation in our latest update or version upgrade depending on the complexity of the feature requested. Simply submit your feature request via the Cohesion Support Centre and we will respond to your request with our estimated time to include this feature in our next update or release, if not already on ouor to-do task list.


Product Resources
We regularly update our product resources with information and documentation on Updates, Release Notes and Bug Reports made available in our Cohesion Support Centre.