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Cohesion Technology Framework

With our technology solutions, data management is made more efficient through integrated applications and stable infrastructure frameworks.


Cohesion Medical's software applications are based on proven n-tier scalable web-based client-server technology framework. Our core technology platform has from its outset been designed and developed to make all our applications highly modular, flexible and scalable solutions. We aim to offer our users a highly developed and dependable technology framework that will deliver outstanding performance and results time and time again.



Application Design - Our Cohesion Technology Framework

All our software applications are designed and developed using our Cohesion Technology Framework (CTF). The CTF is an integral aspect at the heart of all our software applications and thus provides a generic development platform making our applications highly modular, flexible and scalable solutions.


Specialist Clinical Modules (SCM) are our specialised processes that operate at the clinic-level of our software applications. They deliver the engagement functions required for effective specialist clinical use.


Cohesion Core Framework (CCF) is the core functional framework of our software applications. It delivers the foundation-level structures and processes underlying our generic Clinical Collaboration Suite (CCS).


Vibe Engine Technology (VET) is our own proprietary code efficiency engine. The Vibe Engine is our core coding technology which we designed to deliver powerful and efficient performance even under the most demanding loadings.


Application Manager - Our Cohesion Manager Platform

We aim to ensure our software applications deliver efficient performance in all our clients network environments. As such, we have also developed a proprietary "Cohesion Application Manager" (CAM) platform which serves as a Server Applications Manager layer on our clients' server. The Cohesion Application Manager delivers greater monitoring and management of server services to ensure a higher level of service in terms of our software delivery to users. Furthermore, Cohesion Application Manager works as a centralized dashboard tool which manages Licensing, Install, Control and Monitoring of all Cohesion Medi-Apps installed on a server.


Technology Infrastructure - Server Platform Framework

The applications have been developed as n-tier scalable solutions based on a web-based client-server technology framework. The applications can be used flexibly as a single desktop installation or as the more usable and preferred clinic-wide networked installation, thus allowing multiple users access at multiple consulting rooms or offices. In the general case, the software application is installed on a web hosting server such as Microsoft IIS web server running over a network and multiple users can access it via an appropriate web-browser installed on their computer. Using this setup, any user on the NHS Network can access their Clinic instance via a permissioned firewall protocol.


Data Connectivity - Enterprise Application Integration

A very important aspect of our software system is to in ensure the application's integration with existing systems used by the organisation in order to have users share and use data with full efficiency. Cohesion Medical is designed with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) which allows compatibility and communication with currently installed general software such Patient Management Systems (PMS), SCI Store for Lab Results and Socio-Demographic Reports, and other appointments systems such as Patient Access Scheme (PAS) and TrakCare.


Data Migration - Local and Legacy Data Transfer

Where required any legacy system data can be imported from other clinics and older databases. Cohesion Medical has developed its own Cohesion Connect Data Transfer (CCDT) migration scripts to ensure that local or legacy databases can have their data securely and safely transferred into our software applications.


Proven Stable Software - Showcase Solution

Our showcase software application is proven and operational in the Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS for 1000+ patients for over four years. For clinical user references and testimonials please contact Professor David Burden, Department of Dermatology (Ward 9), Western Infirmary Glasgow, NHS GG&C. For IT Admin references and testimonials please contact Craig Napier, Clinical Specialities Team Lead, Stobhill Hospital, NHS GG&C on telephone: 0141 201 4181.