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Better Treatment Outcomes

A core feature of our products is to improve patient outcomes by recording, monitoring and analysing complex treatment interactions.


With our solutions, consultants achieve greater collaboration between patient and clinic. Consultants have been able to use the application for in-clinic purposes including fast data-entry consultations with patients and immediate data history viewing with graphical information display and many easy to use features. This helps keep the patient visually updated with his prognosis on one side and making it easier for him to consult, report and feedback to clinic on a very regular basis in the most cost effective manner on the other. The application is thus designed for interactive clinic patient consultations and not just as a passive 'reference' system.


Interactive Visual Displays

The display of graphical Treatment-Outcomes and the use of "Quick-Consult" provides clinicians as well as for patients as visual feedback on the management of their disease giving positive patient response benefits.


Better Treatment Outcomes

The key to Better Treatment Outcomes is providing clinicians with on-going feedback on patient and clinic population treatment outcomes using analysis from Treatment Outcomes Research. Outcomes research is applied to patient and clinic population based research that seeks to study and optimize the end results of healthcare in terms of benefits to the patient and society. The intent of this research is to identify shortfalls in practice and to develop strategies to improve care.


Outcomes Research Framework (ORF)

All our software have specific Outcomes Research modules built in. It is based on our properietery ORF (Outcomes Research Framework) model which can be integrated with any Clinical Information System capturing patients treatment data. The ORF model adds as an abstract layer over your existing Clinical System and gives you Outcomes Research result without having you to enter any data again. Some key USPs of ORF include;

  • No Repeated Data Entry
  • No Learning Cycle
  • Integrates with any Clinical System
  • Easily Exportable Results
  • Extensive Grouping and Querying Options