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User Data Entry Systems

Our Data-Entry Systems are useful for improving the process of entering data into any Clinical Information System. These options can make the data entry process more efficient and less stressful for users.


Cohesion Medical has designed a specialised Data-Entry system to enhance realtime usage of Clinical Information System by clinic users. Using these data entry systems can lead to increased functionality of the database and provide more detailed and pertinent information to users, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the database - the more data in, the more information out.


Nurse Login
The Nurse Login is a plug-in module that enables Clinical Staff to login and enter directly and electronically patient biometric assessment data. This provides an efficient and easy paper-less approach to capturing standard and regular information on the patient at each clinic visit.


Images Login
The Images Login is a plug-in module that enables the Medical Photographer, Radiographer or other Imaging personnel, to perform batch uploads of images from their own images folder and into the Clinical Database. In this way, this module allows a fast and easy way to populate the database with any clinical image data. The imaging section of the database then allows users to examine and compare images, timelines of how body locations change over time with disease and treatments. The images view then allows users to attach any medical image to a patient's timeline, add tags/notes for these images and be able to search and scroll through images on this timeline history.

Office Login
The Office Login is a plug-in module that enables Office Staff to access the database without viewing full clinical details. This enables staff to update patient information, add other data and manage and schedule clinic visits and patient appointments. It is possible that the database could be integrated into current clinic management systems, such as TrackCare or PMS in order that tasks are not replicated unnecessarily, though this would require further investigation.

Medical Staff could use a modified "iPAD" or equivalent tablet device to access the Clinical Database in a portable manner. This system would work over the clinic intranet in the same manner as the computer desktops currently work in the clinic. Using such a Medi-iPAD device would increase the use of the Clinical Database and improve the effectiveness of clinical staff for everyday clinic-related tasks.