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Support Services

Our support services keep your clinical software applications running smoothly, and maintain the productivity of your entire workforce.


Cohesion Medical's support services are designed to help you consistently deliver the right results throughout your clinical organisation. Our support solutions can help you maximize the return on your investment and allow your clinical teams to focus on productive operation with minimum downtime.


Cohesion Support Centre

Our web-based support centre is the base for our support services. Once you purchase a subscription plan, you can log into your Account to manage your licence(s), contact information and access all our support services outlined below.


Deployment Support

Our solutions deployment service allows us to install the software product on your network, configure it correctly for operation and setup Single or Multi-Clinic instances as required. The deployment process provides you the choice of the network topology that meets your organization's reliability, scalability and accessibility requirements as well as integration with your organization's existing server technologies and applications. Our deployment process entails the following steps;

1. Plan - Conduct strategic IT planning that accelerates progress toward your clinical and operational goals to achieve maximum value from your software investment.

2. Install - Install your software product on your network web server (or single desktop) environment efficiently and cost effectively, reducing conflicts and expensive time delays.

3. Configure - Configure the software product and setup clinic instances in accordance with your licence agreement and support requirements.


Product Support

Software upgrades are available to the subscription editions of Cohesion Medical's software applications as long as your subscription remains active. We aim to release new versions of the software quarterly and include any Feature Requests we receive from your organisation. Software updates such as ongoing bug fixes, security patches, and other update releases that do not require full upgrades are made available through the Updater in the Cohesion Application Manager. Software updates and upgrades are scheduled with your IT managers to ensure you can continue using your current version of the software unheeded. You will receive notifications whenever new versions are installed.


User Support

Our Support Centre allows users access to our experts. When users have problems using any of the features or modules of the software application they can report the problem or error to our team by submitting a Support Ticket. We will analyse the problem and respond with advice and solutions to the problem. We aim to deliver your user support needs with personalized Cohesion Support Services tailored to your specific needs.


Technical Support

Stay productive, avoid costly downtime and exceed your most complex IT requirements with technical support from our experienced software engineers. We'll take care of your software application's installation, upgrade and management while your IT team retains the benefit of control, additional security options, and customizability of an on-premise deployment. Our managed services deployment offers your IT team consultancy advice and experience when they need it with email, phone and Live Support options.



Learning Support

Our support centre provides access to substantial learning resources in order to help your team maximise their use of the software application. A comprehensive knowledgebase provides documentation, tutorials as well as User, Admin and Technical Guides. Our learning resources make your team more productive. Certified Training is also available and training courses can be arranged on-site as required.


Cohesion Support Service Level Agreements (CSSLA)

We base our support response times and the actions we take to resolve your problem on an assessment of the impact of the reported technical issue on your business. The more serious the impact, the higher the assigned priority. In responding to a customer's service requests regarding Cohesion Medical Software, the following priority levels and corresponding response timeframe objectives have been established by program level. Service levels may vary by product.

  • Target response times: 4 business hours
  • Hours of availability: Monday through Friday, 6 am - 5 pm, GMT
  • Regions: All Regions
  • Exclusions: Excluding some statutory holidays, varies per region.