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Purchasing Information

Our purchasing information aims to assist you with engaging with our solutions, products and services from your initial enquiry through to deployment and our customer support services.


We aim to ensure our services meet your expectations. If you have questions or require further information then please contact us. Whatever your needs and requirements we are always happy to help.


Make an Enquiry

Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and requirements. We are happy to provide an initial estimate to provide some grounding for further discussion. We then work closely with our clients to identify and agree a viable plan to realise the full potential of our solutions in your clinical environment. At this point we will provide a formal quotation for the agreed specifications.



Once you are happy to accept the quotation, we will provide you with a Sales Order form together with our terms and conditions. At this point we will formally agree a contract for the services and products to be delivered.



We will deliver the services and products as per the agreed contract schedule. When you purchase a subscription plan for a software product this requires a solution deployment where the software is electronically downloaded to your computer. This can be completed remotely or in person at your organisation.



We will provide a Sales Invoice to you on completion of a service provided as per any agreed terms. We will bill you for any Subscription Plan at the start date of each plan. Payment terms is 30 days.


Payment Options

All payments are by cheque or BACS payment made payable to Cohesion Medical Ltd. Our bank details are provided on our invoices.



If your subscription plan expires or is stopped for any reason, you will be notified by email, and your software will display an alert that your subscription has ended. We will contact you to renew your subscription plan to allow you to restart using the software.



If you cancel your subscription, you can no longer use the software. When you cancel your subscription, you no longer have access to any version of your subscription software. A subscription can only be cancelled at the end of the subscription period. To cancel your subscription, you must contact Cohesion Medical's Customer Service.



If you have any problems related to managing your subscription, billing, installation, changing plans or restarting a subscription then please contact our Customer Support Services.