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Software Piracy

Cohesion Medical Genuine software is software you can trust. Stay legal and use only Cohesion Medical Genuine Software and report Software Piracy.


With Cohesion Medical Genuine Software, you'll receive official technical support, important updates and future upgrades. Your programs will be safe, stable, and compatible with your computer. Genuine software won't introduce harmful malware to your system and entitles you to technical support, critical updates, and future upgrades. Cohesion Genuine Software products are available to buy only from Cohesion Medical or our trusted authorized distributors.


Software Piracy is Illegal and Unsafe

Pirated software is software that is illegally copied or sold or improperly licensed. Using pirated software may threaten your professional reputation, data, and privacy and waste your money. You will be unable to register pirated software and receive support for it. If you've purchased software you suspect is pirated or know of an end user using pirated software, report it. We will help get your money back.


Stay Compliant and Protected

Cohesion Medical works with several organizations around the world to prevent software piracy. These organizations act as industry watchdogs to identify and prosecute offenders, create legislation to protect software manufacturers, provide tools to identify unlicensed software, and offer useful information to help organizations stay compliant.