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Partners Programme

Cohesion Medical is your partner for strategic success. We have a simple vision supported by a clearly articulated and smart strategy, a high performing team and a culture of success.


With our technical expertise and market experience, we actively seek Growth Partners to drive clinical clients to realise the full potential of an investment in our solutions. We are able to provide our Growth Partners with the vision, knowledge and strategic leadership needed to drive shared sustainable growth and job creation. In this way, our partnerships aim to amplify mutual interests and success.



Our Cohesion Partner Programme (CPP)

We are looking for partners focused on customer success and wish to connect with ourselves to sell and integrate Cohesion Medical products and solutions, or provide product training to increase user adoption. We expect our partners to be talented individuals and organisations who want to enjoy the benefits of our Cohesion Partner Programme to create new markets and promote our services and solutions to our customers worldwide.


Agents & Distributors

We are actively seeking agents and distributors who are focused on selling and supporting our specialist medical software products and solutions. Our Cohesion Partner Program is designed to recognise and reward resellers for their sales and technical expertise, level of engagement with Cohesion Medical, and commitment to promoting Cohesion Medical technologies and solutions to customers. We offer distinct levels of partnership to allow you to engage with Cohesion Medical at a level reflective of your organisation's resources, areas of specialty, and commitment to our relationship. In particular, we are seeking experienced individuals and groups with experience of the NHS or international healthcare markets whose planning, regulatory and procurement processes are critical to growth across real economic geographies.


Channel Partners

We are seeking Channel Partners who realise the associated added-value of our specialist medical software products and solutions to clinical customers. We wish to engage with Channel Partners at a collaborative level reflective of your organisation's resources, areas of specialty, and commitment to our relationship. In particular, we are seeking Channel Partners with experience and ambitions of delivering technology solutions to the NHS as well as other international healthcare markets. We would be especially pleased to consider approaches from multi-national Pharmaceutical Corporations wishing to deliver added-value "multi-lingual" technology offerings to their clinical clients.


Training Providers

We are seeking Training Providers who are ready to deliver superior classroom or onsite training. Our Authorised Training Programme is designed for the delivery of training on Cohesion Medical Products. Training Providers that satisfy the programme requirements are invited to apply into our programme to become Cohesion Certified Instructors (CCIs).


Technology Partners

We are actively seeking Technology Partners to sell, support, and extend our infrastructure technology solutions. Our Technology Programme is focused on the delivery of server side solutions for the medical healthcare market. Technology Partners that are able to support server technologies and satisfy our technical requirements are invited to contact us for discussions on mutual offerings.