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March 9, 2017 - Cohesion Medical - Wearable Technology Show 2017

Cohesion attend Wearable Technology Show 2017



COHESION Medical recently attended the Wearable Technology Show at the ExCeL Centre in London. The event showcased technologies across a multitude of fields including - smart home, healthcare, fashion, fitness, performance sports, enterprise and augmented reality. Throughout the conference, we were able to network with a number of companies and 'talk shop' about their disparate projects and plans as well as attend several talks on the growing wearables market. WearableTechnologyShow2017_WomenInTech


Of particular interest to COHESION'S Product Design Engineers was the utilisation of sensors to remotely and unobtrusively improve the user's activity and health. This included the integration of sensing technologies into clothes, insoles of shoes and improvement of traditional wearable products such as wristbands. Seeing the various ways in which technology can gather vital information from the user highlights the potential for a huge improvement to be made in how health data is acquired and integrated into an individual's care plan.


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