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September 21, 2017 - VentureFest 2017 VentureFest 2017


VentureFest 2017


Venturefest 2017

Yesterday, Rachel (COHESION's Marketing Executive), attended this year's VentureFest event at the Glasgow Science Centre. All workshops were informative, however Rachel focused on 'Innovation Space' and 'Trend Spotting'. The 'Innovation Space' workshop was held in the Science Centre's Planetarium which was very impressive and an appropriate location as the event was mainly centred around innovation within the space industry in Glasgow. Although this discussion topic wasn't entirely relevant for COHESION and the work that we do, it was important to see how quickly innovative and creative ideas can move with the right support in Scotland.


'Trend Spotting' was ran by two business professionals who consider innovation to be at the heart of their businesses. The workshop ran through different types of trends and concepts that are trending within the business world. As COHESION lies within the highly competitive healthcare industry, it is important to be aware of what can impact and influence us in the external environment going forward.



So, another worthwhile VentureFest event ran by passionate business people across an array of disciplines. We will be back next year!

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