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September 20, 2018 - Tiree Ultramarathon 2018

Tiree Ultramarathon 2018



The Tiree Ultramarathon is an annual event which takes place on the beautiful island of Tiree which sits in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. The Ultramarathon has been running since 2014 and has grown ever since. COHESION caught up with event organiser Will Wright to chat about this year's event.




The Beautiful Island of Tiree


Hi Will, can you tell us a little bit about the background of the Tiree Ultra?

The Tiree Ultramarathon began in 2014. The 10K and half-marathon have run since 2006 and have always been a success, so Tiree was screaming out for an amazing Ultramarathon! We started with about 40 runners in 2014 and now we're up to 230, with lots of runners coming back year after year. Euan from COHESION got in touch before the first Ultramarathon as he wanted to be involved in an event which promoted health benefits and had community involvement at the heart of everything. COHESION has truly helped shape the race over the years as the event's main sponsor.


What was this year's best time?

The course record was broken this year! 4 hours 32 minutes. This was 3 minutes off the best time last year, but I definitely think we can get down to 4 hours 30 minutes with the right conditions. The runners have had some challenging conditions with wind and rain over the past few years!





Tiree Ultramarathon: Starting Line


How does the Ultramarathon impact on the island's tourism?

On a weekend which would usually be quite quiet, the Ultramarathon brings a lot of new visitors onto the island. At the moment, the majority of runners come from Scotland and the UK, however we have had participants from Spain, Germany and even Canada. People from all over find Tiree through the Ultramarathon and visit again as a holiday destination which is great. The Tiree Ultramarathon has a great online presence so I'm sure it'll grow and grow.


Do you think the people of Tiree have been inspired to become healthier?

There are people on Tiree who never even dreamed of doing an Ultramarathon and now they do it every year. There's a great sense of community spirit so it is something that everyone can do together and get involved. If you're all about team spirit, there's an option to complete the Ultramarathon in teams of 2 or 4 which appeals to local residents.


How do you think the Tiree Ultramarathon has changed the local community?

The Tiree Ultramarathon has given people a target to work towards. The team ethos has meant they've trained together, encouraged each other, and really risen to a challenge that they otherwise wouldn't have thought possible. So, locally there has been many health benefits, as well as being an inspiration to others.





The runners begin the 35 miles of amazing coastline


Do runners raise money for charity through event sponsorship?

Yes, a lot of runners from the island fundraise for a good cause prior to the Tiree Ultramarathon. There's a wide variety of different causes, including Mountain Rescue this year.


Do all the Ultramarathon participants celebrate together after the event?

We have a ceilidh on the Sunday night, which is really popular. Nearly everyone comes along for this, and we have the prize giving too which is a great way to pull things together at the end of the day. Local musicians- The Cornaig Ceilidh Band play the tunes. It's amazing the runners still have energy left to dance! But they do!



Island of Tiree


What is your top tip for next year's runners?

Just enjoy it! Its 35 stunning miles in a beautiful location. And don't get too hung up on getting your best time, just get to know people and feel the true sense of community on Tiree.



Anything else you would like to say about this year's event?

My favourite thing about the Tiree Ultramarathon is the personal connections between runners on the island. There are many volunteers who fully get involved and do everything they can to make the day the best it can be. For example, marshals like local primary school pupil Max, help out at the checkpoints along the Ultramarathon route every year. I'd say to everyone to try to get to know the locals on Tiree, it really is a cool atmosphere.

Thanks, Will. See you next year!








Would you like to take part in the Tiree Ultramarathon next year?

Join the Facebook group: 'Tiree Ultramarathon' and follow @tireefitness and @cohesionnews on Twitter or updates!






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