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September 11, 2017 - Tiree Ultramarathon 2017 Tiree Ultramarathon 2017

Tiree Ultramarathon 2017



Tiree Ultramarathon 2017


Product Designer Engineer, Zoe, represented COHESION at this year's  ultramarathon on the beautiful island of Tiree. The September weekend began with beautiful weather but took a turn for the worse with Zoe's tent taking a beating on the Saturday night as a storm hit the island. However, this did not dampen the spirits of all those who took part as they powered on for the 35 miles that awaited them the following morning.




Whilst in Tiree, Zoe did a great job of spreading awareness of skin cancer and how to be 'sun safe'- something that everyone should be aware of.



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Many people in Scotland are not aware of the risk of melanoma- just because we don't see much sun doesn't mean we can't get skin cancer! Melanoma and Skin Support Scotland is a charity that supports skin cancer patients and their families- check them out (and make a donation, if you can) as they do a great job for people who are affected by skin cancer in any way. Events like the Tiree Ultramarathon are great opportunites for COHESION to spread awareness of conditions in Scotland, sponsor a successful event year after year, get the COHESION team involved in fitness and last but not least- to support or motto of Do Good Not Greed.



Well done to all the 2017 runners! We are already excited at the prospect of sponsoring next year's Tiree Ultramarathon- don't forget to sign up! You can do so here:

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