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October 11, 2017 - Muckle Media Event Glasgow Muckle Media Event Glasgow

Muckle Media Event Glasgow


Muckle Media 2



The team, comprising of Andy, Vicki, Liam and Rachel attended an event ran by Muckle Media, a creative marketing and PR agency, at The Corinthian Club in Glasgow. The event comprised of two workshops- one on Strategic PR and the second on creative brainstorming. The first workshop held in the morning gave the team an opportunity to reflect and think about the strategic direction of COHESION and what we can do in order to achieve our goals. The session gave us tips on how to understand our key audiences on a deeper level and how to structure the key messages that we send to these audiences.



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After a networking lunch, the second workshop on creative brainstorming commenced. During this session, we teamed up with different companies and worked on creative strategies in order to give each company a different perspective on how to tackle a challenge they are currently facing. For COHESION going forward, we decided to pitch the idea of launching our IBD self- management app. This was highly beneficial as it allowed us to gain a perspective of what others thought of the app after having no previous experience of the area. Some creative minds in the group came up with some concepts, with regards to the app itself and the launch, that could be useful for COHESION in the future.


Overall, the event was very worthwhile and the team who attended had a lot of feedback to give to the rest of the team back at the COHESION office. We were impressed by the structure of this event as the concept was relatively new for Muckle Media. We will definitely keep an eye out for what they have planned for the future!

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