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March 6, 2017 - Cohesion Medical - Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona

Cohesion attends Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.






Mobile World Congress was an eye-opening experience which allowed the COHESION team to discover and test the newest technologies as well as develop our networking skills. The venue was split up into 8 halls. Companies had put in a lot of time and detail to produce engaging and outstanding stands. The competitive nature of that environment meant there was a buzz that was both exciting and impressive. The creative ideas flowed from one hall to the next, ranging from interactive miniature cities, to VR rides to bringing out new releases such as the Nokia 3310. The main theme for MWC was around IoT, ecosystems and VR. It was apparent that the virtual reality market is expanding and improving. Different companies are approaching different strategies and launching new products in this field, some of which were in the medical market where you could perform virtual reality surgery to help medical students learn with an immersive experience.


COHESION were interested to see that Nokia had recently partnered with a company called Withings. Out of all the big companies there, Nokia was a step ahead than any other with development into health care. Their message was people are starting to track steps, weight, blood pressure but what are we going to do with data as end users? Their devices integrate into hospitals electronic health records. They pointed out that it was "User-generated data" and their strategy is putting the patient first. It was also mentioned that a step in this direction means a new category of players are starting to emerge. That category being those who look at data who would focus on people most at risk. They called them Health Coaches.



Other companies were showing home health pods and wearables that tracked vital signs. During a summit, it was said that at the moment in health care we are all islands, there are many islands out there today, all with generally positive outcomes. But the islands need to come closer. We need to find those ecosystems. There is untapped potential care that is sitting in the digital world.

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