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February 7, 2018 - COHESION Play Workshop with Eczema Outreach Scotland

COHESION Play Workshop with Eczema Outreach Scotland


EOS Play Workshop 2



On Saturday, COHESION took part in a workshop in collaboration with Eczema Outreach Scotland (EOS) to discover what young people would want from an app to self-manage their eczema. During the workshop, COHESION discussed treatments, symptoms and general information about eczema which the young people know and would like to know. The session also gave COHESION the opportunity to showcase the app to this age group and gain feedback regarding the features and aesthetics of the app in order for this to be adapted to the needs of young people aged 11-17.



EOS Play Workshop



The young people had the opportunity to be creative with their ideas and could mock up app screens with exactly what they would like to see when using an app to manage and control their skin condition. This section of the workshop was of particular interest to COHESION as it gave a true insight into the interests of this age group and how this influences how they would personally design an app.



EOS Play Workshop 4



Within their adolescent years, their parents will play a varying role in the condition with levels of dependency decreasing as the children grow older. Therefore, we spoke to the parents of these teenagers to gain information about how they currently manage their child's condition and if they thought an app would compliment their current methods of keeping control of their child's eczema.



This week in the office, we have collected the results from all the participants of Saturday's workshop to identify common themes. We are looking forward to working with Eczema Outreach Scotland a lot more in the future!









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