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Company Profile

Cohesion Medical was established to deliver world-class software for Specialist Medical Clinics. It is our mission to improve patient treatment outcomes and we achieve this by delivering the most affordable, accessible and highest quality clinical software solutions available.


We offer clinical software for managing small to large numbers of patients, increasing clinical efficiencies and delivering substantial budget savings. Our products and services are offered directly to the NHS from our website and also via selected distributors throughout the UK. Our software solutions include products for specialist clinics in dermatology, rheumatology and ophthalmology amongst others. At Cohesion Medical, we are proud to say we deliver proven word-class specialist clinical software.



A Cohesive Vision

At Cohesion Medical our goal is to deliver world-class software solutions not purely for profit but with the aim to make them as accessible and as available as possible for the benefit and in the interests of improving patients lives. We accept we cannot solve all the world's software needs but we can make a value contribution to specific ones - as such we believe that we can positively contribute to the world by delivering solutions to manage and improve the treatment of patients by developing the most usable and highest quality software available to specialist medical clinics. For those reasons, we assist specialist medical clinics in need of tools and methods to manage the effective treatment of patients with complex conditions and diseases.


Our History - From Small Projects Grow Great Solutions

Cohesion Medical Ltd. was founded in 2012 as a commercial spin-out of medical project work designed and developed by NewEngineering.Net, a provider of advanced internet applications. Previously, NewEngineering.Net had developed in 2002 a software application, "MelaCal", for the medical diagnosis of melanoma skin cancers. This software was licenced to a leading UK health screening service and is used by Specialist Clinic Nurses and private health providers. Then over 2009-12, a software application, "PsoriaCal", was developed for the medical diagnosis, treatment and management of psoriasis conditions. This software was licenced to Professor Burden, Dermatology Department, Glasgow Western Infirmary. The software is now fully developed and is a powerful and scalable system used by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde for the clinical management of over 1000 patients. At this time, NewEngineering.Net received significant interest in their software systems from several other specialist medical clinics. Following this commercial interest, Cohesion Medical Uk Ltd. was formed in 2012 to market and sell these specailist applications in the medical software market, within the UK and beyond.


Our Market Goals - Changing the NHS to Changing the World

We are reaching out to the NHS and delivering solutions that offer advantage and value to the data-management and analysis problems experienced in many specialist clinics. Our goal is to lead the NHS to viable solutions that deliver increased clinical benefit, increasing productivity while reducing costs. We aim to deliver our solutions to targeted specialist clinics where maximum returns can be levered which prove our value offering. We actively develop partnerships with several clinicians and hospitals throughout the UK. We also ensure our solutions are multi-lingual to extend our solutions to healthcare markets beyond the UK, and have opened and are developing conversations with providers in northern Europe, the Middle East and Asian healthcare markets. It is our belief that solutions that work well for the NHS can also work successfully for the international healthcare market.


Our Business Value - Cohesion Branding, IP & Licencing

Cohesion Medical has invested in ensuring it retains control of its own business value. All branding, intellectual property and licencing remains the sole rights of Cohesion Medical and its founder. This allows Cohesion Medical to guarantee that it is able to legally control the assets that underly its business value without redress to other parties. For similar reasons, Cohesion Medical has adopted an organic growth strategy to its business value and is financially independent without bank loans or other investment funding. Our aims at the outset have been to ensure that Cohesion Medical offers the highest business value to its staff and customers alike.


Our Know-How - Keeping Skills & Expertise In-House

We have experience in developing many types of software and hardware technology for the medical healthcare market and others at many different levels. As such we understand more than most the fundamental needs of the clinical "User Experience", project managing the product from it's early specifications through developments to delivering a full commercial product and support service offering. Our team consists of Microsoft, CISCO, Adobe and Macromedia certified professionals. Using our expertise, our products are built on Microsoft .Net4 technologies, JavaScript, SQL Server, XHTML and WCF services. Our services include expertise in Mobile Applications, PHP, Databases, and Visual Studio.


Creating Change - We Do What We Think is Right

We spend much of our day thinking of ways to make things better, how to improve our solutions, understanding user problems and formulating answers - we are inspired to "Create Change". Every day we constantly face hard decisions about what we are doing and the way we are doing it. Sometimes we need to think about how to work with each other, our bank, our suppliers, our distributors as well as our customers. We have constraints we must balance such as time, resources and finances as well as our own lives outwith our working environment. When we face tough decisions and are unsure what to do we step back and pause then tell ourselves constantly to "do the right thing and do it right" ... and that's the way we practice what we think!