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August 17, 2016 - Countdown to Tiree Ultramarathon Countdown to Tiree Ultramarathon




Cohesion Medical staff are off to the beautiful Scottish island of Tiree in September to take part in the Tiree Ultramarathon, a 35 mile run taking in the whole island. The Ultramarathon, which takes place on 4th September, is sponsored by Cohesion Medical.  The run is now in its third year and is growing - 121 people took part in last year's event and this year there are even more runners. The event is wholly organised by the local community.

Cohesion's own CEO Euan Cameron, took part in the first event, Liam Mitchell ran last year and this year Cavan, Carwyn, Andy and Alex will take to the field as a relay team.

Running in the race gives free admission to the evening ceilidh, where prizes will be awarded to the day's runners.

Cohesion is delighted by the success of this unique event and hope that this summer's run is the best yet.

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